Aces High MC - Charleston


The Aces High MC - Charleston Series is COMPLETE and consists of eight full-length novels and one novella.$28.92 total when purchased separately (as ebooks). 

There are two box sets (one with the first five books and another with the following four books) that are priced at $16.98 total for both. That's an $11.94 savings over buying each book individually if you are just getting started with this series. ;) 

Book 1: The Other Princess (Ever and Deck)

Book 2: A Love So Hard (Double-D and Lucy)

Book 3: The Princess and the Prospect (Anna and Joker)

Book 4: The Killing Ride (J-Bird and Christina)

Book 5: A Twist of Fate (Kane and Gretchen)

Book 6: Everlasting (Ever, Deck, Double-D, & Lucy)

Book 7: A Year and a Day (Toby)

Book 8: The Broken Beginning - Part One (Merc and Tiger Lily)

Book 9: The Broken Beginning - Part Two (Merc and Tiger Lily)