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The Killing Ride

The Killing Ride

The Killing Ride (Aces High MC - Charleston - Book 4)



I finally felt that itch to settle down that my parents and older brother, Deck, had been hounding me about. Lindsay Parker was the first girl to stir that itch in me. Which made it that much more unfortunate when she introduced me to her best friend, Christina. That girl blew me away the first day we met, but she would forever remain off limits because she would never betray her best friend even if I scraped Lindsay off first. So, I stuck it out with Lindsay and longed for her best friend for seven long months and the announcement that I was about to be a father. Then it all crashed down around me in the most literal sense possible along with the lies I'd been fed. There’s an evil inside me that destroys the women who dare to love me. Never again, and especially not with the one I really wanted, needed, fell so hard for. I would spare her my curse, even if it killed me. 


I was in love with my best friend’s man! It was getting harder to hide my feelings especially when I had to watch them cuddled up together. My feelings sent me running away to Savannah, Georgia. Sure, it wasn't far, but I moved in with my aunt to become her nanny while I suffered through blind date boredom on top of blind date disaster trying to find anyone who could make me forget the one man I couldn’t have. It seemed to work until they came to visit to share their good news. I wish I could have been happy for my friend while she got everything I wanted. Instead, I smiled to her face and cursed the fates that night for her meeting him first. I wished I could go back and shove all that bitter resentment down, because by morning, I blamed myself for the ill wishes I had thrown into the universe. By morning, reality came crashing in, and it changed everything.

The Killing Ride is book 4 of the Aces High MC - Charleston Series which you must read in order!
There is no cheating in this book by the main characters. There is strong language, violence, heartbreak, and both sweet and hot sex scenes. Those are the only warnings you need before diving in.

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91,021 Words

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