The Infinite Something - Signed Paperback
  • The Infinite Something - Signed Paperback

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    The Infinite Something (TIE Series, Book 1)


    I thought I could fall in love with an up and coming rock star until he betrayed me. The lying, cheating, scheming piece of crap bassist for my brother’s band destroyed my faith in men.


    Funny how another musician saved me from humiliation, became my best friend during my internship with his band’s tour, and ended up winning my heart despite the fact that I had sworn to never go there again.


    Too bad things couldn’t stay so simple. One jealous ex-girlfriend, one crazy infatuation later, and I became public enemy number one. Then I waited to see if he would remain my savior, or prove that I was right the first time around… you can’t trust a rocker. Why the hell had I done so twice?


      This is a signed and personalized paperback copy.


      This is a personalized and signed copy of the book therefore returns will not be accepted.


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