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Aces High MC - Charleston Box Set

Aces High MC - Charleston Box Set

The first five novels in the Aces High MC - Charleston Series by Christine Michelle.


(This was the original complete series before four requested stories were added to the series)

This series contains: 
Book 1: The Other Princess (Ever and Deck)
I was eight years old when I found out I had a father. It was the same day I held my dead mother in my arms while praying her life wasn't really over.
I was dropped into an MC family shortly after, where I became known as The Other Princess, because my mother's sins would be held against me as if they were my own. I was destroyed by my new family before he showed up and changed everything!

Book 2: A Love So Hard (Double-D and Lucy)
We took a lifetime to learn that a love worth having is sometimes a love so hard it's difficult to hold on to. 
We learned it, we live it, and we loved through it too.
I fell in love with Charles “Double-D” Brothers when I was just 16 years old.
She was worth every single thing I had to endure just to feel her in my arms at the end of the day. If only I could keep her from running


Book 3: The Princess and the Prospect (Anna and Joker)
Anna: I lied to get what I wanted and it blew up in my face. The man I loved hated me. I was carrying his baby. Then there was the whole shotgun wedding.
Joker: She lied. The betrayal stung. The baby was a shocker. My behavior though - unforgivable! Now, I had to figure out how to do the impossible and make her not only forget, but fall for me all over again.

Book 4: The Killing Ride (J-Bird and Christina)
J-Bird: Just when I thought I had it all figured out I realized the woman I was with wasn't the one I was meant for. Then my curse - the one that destroyed the women around me - bore fruit and I swore I would never bring that down on Christina.
Christina: I moved away and tried to get over the love I felt for my best friend's man, but how do you get over the person your heart sings for?

Book 5: A Twist of Fate. (Gretchen and Kane)

Gretchen: Tragedy stole my man and my unborn child from along with the future I thought I'd have. It was no accident, and before it was all over I would get my vengeance and wipe my soul clean of the heaviness that wouldn't let me move on. Love was waiting patiently for me to be ready.
Kane: I knew I’d make her mine. I promised to help heal her heart and see her smile once again like she used to.

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