Types of Audiobooks:

Human narrated (HN)

produced with voice actors reading the books

  • more dynamic listening experience

  • multiple voice patterns

  • different male/female voices

  • greater inflection & emotion to connect you to the read. 


  • More expensive production cost = higher list price

  • Takes months to produce

Auto narrated (AN)

produced with Google Technology with artificial intelligence reading the books​


  • only 1-3 days to produce

  • less expensive production = lower list price

  • backlist and underperforming book titles will be able to be added on audio due to lower production costs and times.


  • while AI voice technology has improved, it still misses some of the emotion and inflection that can only be produced with human narrators


Audible Audiobooks (HN)

Google Audiobooks (AN)

Kobo Audiobooks (AN & HN)

iTunes/iBooks Audiobooks (HN)

Audiobook links for iTunes will be added soon.

Amazon Audiobooks (HN)

Audiobook links for Amazon will be added soon (see Audible links above).

Other Audiobook distributors to be added soon.